Opera for Beginners: Introduction to The Marriage of Figaro, Part 2/2

Congrats!In our previous post about the Marriage of Figaro you learned: 

1. What the Heck Is Going On?
2. Before the Curtain Is Up

Now we'll explore:

3. The Coolest Rap About Revenge             
4. Infidelity? Rosina Wants Her Hubby Back! 
5. Madness! Six Singing Simultaneously

For this second and last part of our blog post about The Marriage of Figaro, we'll explore Don Bartolo's aria about revenge where he raps; Rosina with a recitative and aria telling about her plan, pain, love, and hope; and we'll close with a piece for 6 voices singing simultaneously!

Before going further, let's review that in general, opera’s music can be divided into 2 different types: aria and recitative. An aria is a piece for one voice. A recitative is when the singing resembles ordinary speech. Ready? Here we go!

3. The Coolest Rap About Revenge

Revenge is hurting someone in return for what they'd made you suffer, right? Many have sung about it. For example, Alanis Morissette sings, &qu…

Opera for Beginners: Introduction to The Marriage of Figaro, Part 1/2

If you don't get opera, this is for you!

What if we told you that opera is a super entertaining and addictive soap opera?!

We know two things: opera is a dark territory for you and first times are always unforgettable, for better or worse. Therefore we thought, We need an opera both hilarious and fantastic! Unique and extraordinary! An unbeatable first!  Guess what? We found it for you! The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart.

Top 5 things you'll learn:

1. What the Heck Is Going On?                       (Part 1)
2. Before the Curtain Is Up                             (Part 1)
3. The Coolest Rap About Revenge                  (Part 2)
4. Infidelity? Rosina wants her hubby back!      (Part 2)
5. Madness! Six Singing Simultaneously           (Part 2)

Gabriel* and I have one goal in mind: for you to experience opera with new eyes,  trained ears, and an open heart. We'll be choosing very special operas, to bring you their highlights in the easiest possible approach so you can truly learn and …

My friend Karen in the Netherlands: 4 nights, 2 countries, 5 cities (Part 4, Amsterdam)


     There were a couple of things we didn't want to miss before Karen's plane to tel Aviv. She asked to see Spinoza. I, Operation Night Watch. The logistics on how to accomplish this on the same day of her departure were somehow tricky, to me. Good news is we pulled it together. We decided to take the train to Schipol, leave her luggage in lockers, and then go to Amsterdam for the day since her plane was late at night. My sweetheart had said, because he is a big catastrophe foreseer, that leaving the luggage at the airport was better than at Amsterdam Central. His prediction was, "Amsterdam is a busy place. What if you can't find a locker? Better at the airport." Then life happens. We were on the train to Amsterdam Central. If we wanted to go to the airport, we had to change trains in Utrecht. We decided against it. We'll just go directly to Amsterdam Central, find a locker and voila! And voila my darling was right. THERE WERE NO EMPTY LOCKERS THE S…

My friend Karen in the Netherlands: 4 nights, 2 countries, 5 cities (Part 3, Eindhoven & Den Haag)

Eindhoven & Den Haag

I wish I'd had more time to show Karen Eindhoven's city center, but unexpected things happened and we ended up hurrying to catch a train to Den Haag. How come? First of all, and as you well know, it wasn't raining so the possibilities were endless! Anyway, after having visited La Piazza's underground bike parking lot, seen Sissy Boy's organic architecture from the inside with its original jungle-style restaurant, eaten a yummy toasted sandwich at Krok Madam and while hanging out at Van Pierre, she saw a book on Escher and exclaimed, "Escher! Such an incredible mind!" Oh, I thought, should we go to Den Haag?Can we? Should we? Do we have enough time? You might understand how I could not miss catching a train to Den Haag and visit Escher in Het Paleis

     Before we get to Den Haag, I'll like to share two tips. One, have an extra OV-chipcard for your guest. You save lots of time and, most importantly, money. The fee difference be…

My friend Karen in the Netherlands: 4 nights, 2 countries, 5 cities (Part 2, Nuenen)

Nuenen & 
The Potato Eaters Sculpture

     The morning after our trip to Koblenz, and after I'd come back from tutoring at ISE, we got two of our bikes out of the shed: one for Karen and one for me. Before leaving, my sweetheart adjusted hers since she wasn't used to a high seat. After that, off we went! Hands up to Karen who biked around 11 km from Eindhoven to Nuenen and back! 

     The Universe is big and conspired by giving us a perfect autumn day, milky skies and a crispy breeze. Crispy. Why is crispy ideal? Because when you bike, you sweat! Sweaty clothes are not nice, not to me at least. I get sweaty and stinky, although I've found out that wearing cotton fabrics is the best solution. As long as my clothes are not synthetic, the smelly problem is solved, kind of; but enough of this, I think my thoughts are giving away too much personal information so let's go back to the bike ride. 

     At first, on our way to Nuenen, stopping at the traffic lights was difficul…

My friend Karen in the Netherlands: 4 nights, 2 countries, 5 cities (Part 1, Koblenz)

     My Mexican friend Karen has many gifts.One of them is being a mentor. Her mission is to empower educators by giving them sparkling red shoes and leading them through the yellow brick road of understanding. As if with a magic wand, and while I was still in Mexico oblivious to the fact that a few years later I'd move to the Netherlands, she showed me all the fun there was not in helping students learn but in leading them to understand. I'll forever be grateful. Thank you, my dear Sagittarius. (Our birthday is on the same day!)

     This October, after eight years of friendship where both of us endured broken relationships, sickness, loss, fought battles, personal growth, and even her daughter's wedding in between, she made a dream and a promise come true by spending a few days in Eindhoven before arriving in Israel, her final destination. It was my turn to build life-lasting memories. During the few days she stayed with us, she got to experience Koblenz, Nuenen, Eindhove…