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After One Year In The Netherlands: New Priorities

Life has some very tough moments. My mom used to say that when things got hard for her, she felt like throwing in the towel. The problem was, the towel had to be picked up and there was no one else around to do it. End of story: Quitting was not an option.

I feel as if for months I had thrown in the towel. I knew it, I stared at it, I ignored it. Now, this is not an easy task either. It also drains you and your closest friends. You know you are stuck and no one but you can do something about it. Luckily, spring came, and with it,  my decision to set a deadline to make up my mind. Time for feeling sad, disappointed, tired, and lonely was up.   

And what, you might be wondering, have I decided? 
1. Embrace my relationship as it is
2. Seriously study Dutch 3. Focus on ARTSY Language Studio
4. Swim
5. Date PostNL less frequently
6. Find a support group

In summary... 

Moving abroad for love and reinventing myself in the Netherlands might end up being the hardest decisions I have taken until now. If…