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Closing Circles

I wonder when is it ever easy to say goodbye or close circles. In my experience, some come easy and others don't. It can be a relief, but it can also give you a heartache. Still, no matter what, I have learned that peace comes first. So, one just needs to do whatever it takes to achieve it.  As for now, I need to get ready to close two circles, peacefully. 

1. My praktijkondersteuner
  I started seeing her back in October 2017. She has been of great help. With her, I have understood my place in this country and in my relationship, I have remembered who I was and still am. 
  During our session last week, I could tell it was going to be the next to last one. I was at ease and self-confident. Now, this doesn't mean everything has been a bed of roses, it signifies I have been dealing better with my reality and my own inner world. In other words, I got the tools, and I am using them better.
  What is next? I have one more appointment. It will be in May. I will thank her. Ask her fo…