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Surviving the Quarantine: Top 5 Ways to Mindfully Combat Coronavirus

An undeniable fact is that coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon. The nightmare is how many will perish in the process. Then, what to do not to go insane?
There are a million and one rhetorical questions on our minds: How long will it take for it to get better? Will I get it or will my dear ones? How can I feel at ease when my family is thousands of kilometers away? Do I pose a danger to someone else? Will my finances survive this crisis or will my nerves? How can I not feel lonely or restless? How do I keep my sanity? How do I keep myself in one piece as to be there for those who need me?

Infinite questions and very limited answers. Understandably, everyone reacts in different ways. We're going through extremely challenging times. Having to cope with what is going on in the world, at work, and with family could be overwhelming. My family lives in Mexico, my parents are 71 and 83, and if the situation here is difficult, I can't imagine how it's going to hit some thi…

Opera for Beginners: Introduction to The Marriage of Figaro, Part 2/2

Congrats!In our previous post about the Marriage of Figaro you learned (to read part one go here)

1. What the Heck Is Going On?
2. Before the Curtain Is Up

Now we'll explore:

3. The Coolest Rap About Revenge             
4. Infidelity? Rosina Wants Her Hubby Back! 
5. Madness! Six Singing Simultaneously

For this second and last part of our blog post about The Marriage of Figaro, we'll explore Don Bartolo's aria about revenge where he raps; Rosina with a recitative and aria telling about her plan, pain, love, and hope; and we'll close with a piece for 6 voices singing simultaneously!

Before going further, let's review that in general, opera’s music can be divided into 2 different types: aria and recitative. An aria is a piece for one voice. A recitative is when the singing resembles ordinary speech. Ready? Here we go!

3. The Coolest Rap About Revenge

Revenge is hurting someone in return for what they'd made you suffer, right? Many have sung about it. For example, A…

Opera for Beginners: Introduction to The Marriage of Figaro, Part 1/2

If you don't get opera, this is for you!

What if we told you that opera is a super entertaining and addictive soap opera?!

We know two things: opera is a dark territory for you and first times are always unforgettable, for better or worse. Therefore we thought, We need an opera both hilarious and fantastic! Unique and extraordinary! An unbeatable first!  Guess what? We found it for you! The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart. (To read part two go here.)

Top 5 things you'll learn:

1. What the Heck Is Going On?                       (Part 1)
2. Before the Curtain Is Up                             (Part 1)
3. The Coolest Rap About Revenge                  (Part 2)
4. Infidelity? Rosina wants her hubby back!      (Part 2)
5. Madness! Six Singing Simultaneously           (Part 2)

Gabriel* and I have one goal in mind: for you to experience opera with new eyes,  trained ears, and an open heart. We'll be choosing very special operas, to bring you their highlights in the easiest possible approach…