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My Baby Is Starting To Walk: ARTSY Language Studio

37 days ago was my last day at PostNL. I do miss my colleagues every day. I have been lucky enough to sometimes see Cindy or Loes. I know I have to get all of us together every now and then. I will work on that pretty soon. On the other hand, since I stopped being a postbezorger, a whole new world of opportunities has open. All beautiful. Let's see...

New Office Space

I had been wanting a space of my own in our home. My darling is not keen of changes, so I knew it would be a challenging negotiation. When I said Interior Designer Ayşe İçaçan would be in charge, he could only agree. And guess what?! She did a superb job in such a sweet and beautiful way! She was able to create a little magical world for me. Ayse combined my personality, the purpose of the office, and the colors of the logo. She considered every little detail: the students had to be comfortable and able to concentrate, the atmosphere should be modern and fresh, and I would find it inspiring for preparing my lessons. Th…