My Baby Is Starting To Walk: ARTSY Language Studio

37 days ago was my last day at PostNL. I do miss my colleagues every day. I have been lucky enough to sometimes see Cindy or Loes. I know I have to get all of us together every now and then. I will work on that pretty soon. On the other hand, since I stopped being a postbezorger, a whole new world of opportunities has open. All beautiful. Let's see...

New Office Space

I had been wanting a space of my own in our home. My darling is not keen of changes, so I knew it would be a challenging negotiation. When I said Interior Designer Ayşe İçaçan would be in charge, he could only agree. And guess what?! She did a superb job in such a sweet and beautiful way! She was able to create a little magical world for me. Ayse combined my personality, the purpose of the office, and the colors of the logo. She considered every little detail: the students had to be comfortable and able to concentrate, the atmosphere should be modern and fresh, and I would find it inspiring for preparing my lessons. Then, she went to every shop and every website, to find the perfect objects for the room. And that is exactly what she achieved: She dressed in my room with positive energy, good vibes, and peace. So now you KNOW the secret, but, if you COME for coffee, you will SEE what I am talking about. Thank you, Ayşe İçaçan. May you illuminate many other lives by giving a soul to their spaces. You have given a soul to mine.

New Website

The second good news is my brand new website! (Take a look by clicking here!) I designed it using It took me some time and lots of advice from friends and students, but in the end, I think it truly reflects my personality and objectives. If you visit the website, I would really appreciate your feedback! There is nothing better than teamwork and being open to different opinions and preferences can only lead to unimaginable things! 

Before I Go

Thanks to all the beautiful people in my life, the ones near and the ones far. Lots have changed during the last 37 days: I have one job instead of two, I am swimming again, my Dutch lessons twice a week have been interesting and helpful, there's enough time to see my friends, my Thursday's lunchpauzeconcert is back, being a house manager is more enjoyable, I have time for friends and new projects, and...Love is in the air...Thanks for reading and until next time!