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My friend Karen in the Netherlands: 4 nights, 2 countries, 5 cities (Part 4, Amsterdam)


     There were a couple of things we didn't want to miss before Karen's plane to tel Aviv. She asked to see Spinoza. I, Operation Night Watch. The logistics on how to accomplish this on the same day of her departure were somehow tricky, to me. Good news is we pulled it together. We decided to take the train to Schipol, leave her luggage in lockers, and then go to Amsterdam for the day since her plane was late at night. My sweetheart had said, because he is a big catastrophe foreseer, that leaving the luggage at the airport was better than at Amsterdam Central. His prediction was, "Amsterdam is a busy place. What if you can't find a locker? Better at the airport." Then life happens. We were on the train to Amsterdam Central. If we wanted to go to the airport, we had to change trains in Utrecht. We decided against it. We'll just go directly to Amsterdam Central, find a locker and voila! And voila my darling was right. THERE WERE NO EMPTY LOCKERS THE S…