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Learning Dutch by Listening to Music: My Spotify Playlist

Generalizations are dangerous, like the following:

Women are stubborn. Men are selfish. Dutch music is terrible.
     Are you surprised? Probably. I told you. To generalize is a dangerous thing. A weapon out of control. Still, yes. I do want to stop and talk about the last one. Music. Dutch music. It is beautiful, important, fun. It grounds you, and it also nurtures. Let me tell you what I think. I'll give you 4 reasons. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will add some Dutch songs to your playlist. Luckily, you will also avoid generalizations. 

1. Places in the Netherlands: Song "Zoutelande"

     Some songs can take you to places you might have been to, or that you would like to explore. For example, Zoutelande. It's a real place! It's in Zeeland. Have you ever been there? You might like it! (Do take me with you, please. I haven't been there and dream of it!) Well, there is this song about it. Nice, right? I'm almost certain you have heard it. 

My favorit…

Learning Dutch: Podcast Zeg het in het Nederlands

Self-studyingis one key element for proficiency when learning a language. As a teacher, I continually encourage my students to listen to a variety of resources. As a learner myself and for the last two years, all I have listened to is music in Dutch and, recently, podcasts. Today, I'm excited to share with you my latest discovery, Zeg het in het Nederlands.
     Zeg het in het Nederlands is a Dutch-language podcast which offers 5 top advantages: