Learning Dutch by Listening to Music: My Spotify Playlist

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Generalizations are dangerous, like the following:

  • Women are stubborn. 
  • Men are selfish. 
  • Dutch music is terrible.

     Are you surprised? Probably. I told you. To generalize is a dangerous thing. A weapon out of control. Still, yes. I do want to stop and talk about the last one. Music. Dutch music. It is beautiful, important, fun. It grounds you, and it also nurtures. Let me tell you what I think. I'll give you 4 reasons. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will add some Dutch songs to your playlist. Luckily, you will also avoid generalizations. 

1. Places in the Netherlands: Song "Zoutelande"

     Some songs can take you to places you might have been to, or that you would like to explore. For example, Zoutelande. It's a real place! It's in Zeeland. Have you ever been there? You might like it! (Do take me with you, please. I haven't been there and dream of it!) Well, there is this song about it. Nice, right? I'm almost certain you have heard it. 

My favorite part says,
En dan zitten we hier in het oude strandhuis
Wat je vertelt houdt me nuchter en warm
Boven m'n hoofd zie ik de grijze wolken
Ik ben blij dat je hier bent, blij dat je hier bent

In English, 
And then we are here in the old beach house
What you tell keeps me sober and warm
Above my head I see the gray clouds
I'm glad you're here, glad you're here

     Would you like to see Zoutelande and listen to the song? There you go, with all my love, from me to you. (Thanks to my friend Heidi for bringing this song into my life.)

2. I feel connected: Song, Als Het Avond Is

     If you have loved someone, or are currently in a relationship, you probably have a special song that can describe how you, at some moment, have felt

My favorite part goes, 
Zeg me dat het goedkomt
Geef me stukjes toekomst
Of moet ik je maar laten gaan
Ik kan het niet hebben als het avond is

Ik heb je vaak gemist inderdaad

In English, 
Tell me it's okay
Give me pieces of the future
Or should I just let you go
I can't have it when it's evening

I have often missed you indeed

     Wanna get melancholic? Just grab a glass of wine, and enjoy. (I will tonight!)

3. Learning Dutch: Song, Het is altijd lente in de ogen van de tandarts assistente

     I started studying Dutch in Mexico City, before moving to the Netherlands. My teacher, Joren, is an enthusiastic Dutch young man living in Mexico who fell in love, moved there, fell out of love, stayed, fell in love again. Happily forever after, I hope! Anyway,  I told him I was crazy about music, that maybe he could recommend a beginners's song. Oh, boy! He did, and the song is fun and funny! From memory lane, here it is:

4. Integration: Song, Hij is van mij

     When you are out on the street or in a store, and suddenly a song starts playing and you recognize it, wow! Have you experienced how exciting it feels? In my opinion, that feeling is what integration into the culture feels like. You connect to your surroundings, the people, the trends. Welcome the feeling, just try it!

     Here is the latest addition to my playlist:

 Learning Dutch 2019 Playlist
     After all, what do you think? I hope, with all my heart, that my message came through. If you wish to integrate, immerse yourself in the Dutch world. If not, which is your choice and I respect that, at least find joy in its music. I am confident that there's a song out there waiting for you! Maybe, you'd like to check out my Spotify playlist

     Oh! Last but not least, if there is a song you would like to learn, or tips on how to use songs to study, please ask me. I would be delighted to help!

Tot de volgende keer!


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