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Living In The Netherlands: Renovating Your Home Stairs

Is renovating your stairs a kind of couples' therapy session? Back in Mexico, you would look for someone wise (and hopefully not too expensive) to discuss how you can be closer to your partner and to learn some strategies in order to solve conflicts together. In the Netherlands? Just renovate your home and you will find enough time together which will definitely allow you to solve problems with patience and many trips to Praxis!
Now, let us get back to business. What previous knowledge did I have on renovating? Well, I knew what I had seen in Mexico. If you need some work done at home, you: 1. Ask around for some recommendations. 2. Call a few people picked out from the long list you'd put together. 3. Choose one to do the project. 4. Pay for it. 5. Sit down and wait till it is done. 

In the Netherlands, if you need to renovate your home, and it is not a big project: 1. Ask around for some recommendations. 2. Call the names you got (probably two or three). 3. Find out that it wi…