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Bluetooth and Artificial Organs: Dutch Inventors!

It's 6:30 am. I'm merrily biking to the pool. Merrily, happily, sleepy and all. It's dark and chilly. I love dark and chilly and quiet, rustig. There's mist everywhere. It feels as if I were interrupting someone's spell. While at it, I'm listening to a Dutch podcast, Zeg Het in Het Nederlands. (We've talked about it before.) It's episode #11. It includes the story behind the Bluetooth, and I think to myself..."what a wonderful world..." Just kidding! I do think, "How interesting. Just now my earphones are connected via Bluetooth to my phone, and the app Schwung is using the same technology as well."

     Later, after having swum, taught, cleaned and cooked, I asked my sweetheart, "Did you know a Dutch guy invented the Bluetooth?" He said it didn't sound like it. He said maybe a Danish. At first, I hesitated since my Dutch is not so good (een beetje slecht) and many, many times I do get things wrong. But did I really…

Learning Dutch and the Difference Between White and Brown Eggs

To buy eggs,

or not to buy...

That's not the question!

     The question is: Why do people keep buying brown eggs even when they are more expensive than white ones? Maybe you already know, but I had no idea! Last Monday at Dutch school, my classmates and I finally learned the answer to this spooky question!
How did the teacher introduce the topic? By watching an educational show on SchooltvWat is het verschil tussen witte en bruine eieren?
Which eggs are more expensive? Brown eggs.
Which eggs are the most sold in the supermarkets? Brown eggs.
Where lies the secret of the egg's color? In the chicken's earlobe! In de kleur van de kip oorlelletje!
What?! Yes. If the earlobe is red, brown eggs. If it's white, white it is!
Is the quality different between the two? No. It's exactly the same. Identiek.
Why, then, are brown ones more popular? In the past, chickens were usually kept in battery cages,legbatterijenBecause of their grotesqueness, most Dutch people decided to switch to free…