Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for because you will get it. Be even more careful what you work for because you will get it even more quickly. 

Colin Cunningham

     Since I first arrived in The Netherlands, people kept talking about how difficult it was to find a job. See, what you used to do in your country of origin might not be an option in your new place. This is usually the case for the partner that leaves everything behind to be with their loved one.

     Some things that worry us:

  • Speaking the language
  • Knowing where to look
  • Fitting in the workplace
  • Getting a decent salary
  • Appropriate schedule
  • Running out of hope

     If you know me, you won't be surprised by what I am about to say. If you don't know me, read carefully. I will explain how I ended up with a job. 

  • Month 1: So happy I don't need a job!
  • Month 2.1: For full integration, I want a job.
  • Month 2.2: I don't have to get a job! 
  • Month 3: I have a job. How the hell did this happen?!
  • Month 4: I am miserable! Should I quit?
  • Month 5: My colleagues notice me. I kind of like my job.
  • Month 6: I love going to work, even in the rain! 

     To sum it up, it was not difficult to find a job. As a matter of fact, it was way too easy, almost a piece of cake. The lesson here is, be careful with what you wish for. You might not be ready for the outcome. On the other hand, are we ever ready? 

     Tot volgende keer!