Distance and Family

     When deciding to move abroad, one topic to consider is family. Different situations can influence your position. I can think of some but do please help me with your comments because I am probably leaving many more unmentioned. 

     Closeness, attachment, and health are some of the elements I consider to be important when making the decision. In my case, it wasn't difficult. I had lived abroad for more than 15 years, I am very independent and sometimes too detached, and everyone in my family was healthy.

     Until today.

     Today is Friday. I am home. My father is in the hospital, under observation. My family is taking turns to be with him at all times, day and night. He seems fine, but this morning the doctors have said his heart has not been doing well.

     Thanks to WhatsApp, I can hear and see him, I can send recordings of music I know he loves. I can be in touch. 

     What is weighing me down is this helplessness, the waiting. Trying to hold myself together so they don't worry about me. To know he has a ticket to come in December. 

     He so much wants to come, and I so much need him in my life.