Finding Balance: Proud of Delivering the Mail

Next week it will be three months since I started working at PostNL. I have gone from this will never happen and this is killing me to feeling proud and having fun while at it. 

What is there to be proud of?

  • Having a job in a new country (You know what it was like!)
  • Working in a respectable organization
  • Improving my performance
  • Speaking Dutch with my colleagues
  • Saving money for the first time ever
  • Being a candidate for pension
What is fun about it?
  • Exercising and losing weight (Just ask my darling about it!)
  • Being part of "the gang" (This totally deserves its own post!)
  • Riding the bike 500 m to get to work (I know, nothing to miss from Mexico there...)
  • Chatting with colleagues (especially when we need to wait for the mail)
  • Seeing people thankful for delivering their mail or package (Yes, I speak with people, but sometimes I just smile and nod because I don't get what they say! No time to stop to chat either!)

How does it all look like? 
If you have time, watch the videos. You will see a little bit of what I mean. ;-)