To Begin 2018, Two Cities and Three Museums

It is the end of the year, and one starts thinking of what has been accomplished and what one desires for next year. Oh, dear! I hadn't reflected on it until a cheerful friend of mine asked me about my 2018 goals. Then, and to follow up on my top priorities, I settled on a plan of action. In it, I pursue and select activities which bring me excitement, joy, and that in a certain way, provide nourishment to my brain and soul, as for me, like knitting or visiting museums. 

What is at the top of my list?

     The Museumkaart! It is a personal card that gives you access to more than 400 museums in The Netherlands and it is valid for one year.  If I had asked Sinterklaas for a present, it would have been this! As you can tell, I didn't ask for it so...I will give it to myself as a New Year's present. Yeah!

What will I do in order to foster personal growth?
     To begin with, two cities and three museums. Would you like to join me? :-)


City: Eindhoven
  • Museum 1: Van Abbemuseum
  • Showing: Top 10 on Tour, Masterpieces acquired for the Netherlands thanks to the BankGiro Lottery
  • Entrance: Free with Museumkaart (normally 12)
  • Why: I know it includes works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Steen, and Picasso, among others. Let's see who else is there!


City: Den Haag
  • Museum 2: Mauritshuis
  • Showing: From their permanent collection, Steen, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Frans Hals.
  • Entrance: Free with Museumkaart (normally 14)
  • Why: To follow Rembrandt and Steen after having seen Top 10 on Tour. I mean, who doesn't love the Dutch Golden Age?! I know, not everyone, but I do!
  • Museum 3: Gemeente Museum Den Haag
  • Entrance: Free with Museumkaart (normally 14.50)
  • Why: The first exhibition, to follow Picasso around too. About the second one, it is something different. It is a novelty for me since the theme is jewelry and silverware, and it ends on February 18th. 
How to prepare for the visits?
     I suggest you read all the information you can find about the exhibitions. Study the paintings, explore the places and characters. And why not? Find a music piece that matches the art according to you! Another possibility is to get in touch with ARTSY Language Studio (me as a freelancer) and book a session previous to your visits. A prior approach would allow you to make your visit an unforgettable and enriching one. If you want more information, feel free to contact me at

     I wonder what our plans might have in common for next year, or how different they rather are. It would be awesome to learn from you!