Learning Dutch through movies: What I learned from Weg van Jou

If you are one of those who complains about Dutch music and movies, this post is probably not for you. Why? Because I am about to tell you why watching movies is one of the best ways to learn Dutch and get a glimpse of the beauty found in Dutch culture. 

Let us begin with some info about the movie: It is a comedy-romance story. It was released in 2017 and the main actress is Katja Herbers (She also appears in the TV series Westworld!). Oh! You can watch it on Netflix with Dutch subtitles. How neat is that?!

Now, let's get to the exciting part! What have I learned from the movie?

Number One: Vocabulary
I watched the movie twice. The first one I played without stopping. The second time, I paused everytime I wanted to understand something specific from the subtitles. I will share with you my some of my favorite discoveries:

  • een slokje - a sip
  • is wel tof - wat enig - wat leuk
  • toe maar - go ahead
  • laat maar - never mind
  • wedden - bet
  • doop - baptism
  • Ik was echt een ramp. - I was really a disaster.
  • echt zo gênant - really so embarrasing
  • knap hoor - well done
  • echt waar - really
  • flauwvalt - faint
  • zeiknat - soaking wet
  • zeesluis - sea lock
  • begrafenis - funeral
Number Two: Music
I know you are not asking for advice, but let me give you one: learn to enjoy Dutch music. If you open your heart to the language and culture, you will find it a million times easier to integrate. Thanks to this film, I discovered a new singer: Rob Dekay. My favorite song from the movie is Alles Gaat Voorbij. Listen to it! It is sweet and happy and makes you want to sing it too! 
Number Three: Cultural Window
Thanks to the movie, I discovered Sergio Herman, zeesluizen, and in my opinion, one of the pillars of Dutch culture that goes like this,
Geluk zit in de keine dingen...
Because this is what I think: It is a gift and a privilege to be able to lead such a peaceful and gezellig life in the Netherlands. Sometimes, when biking back from my morning swim or after enjoying our morning kort praatje, I feel infinitely grateful to my darling and this country. To friends and students that fill every moment with love, laughter and understanding, thanks for making life a dream come true.