Living Abroad and Visiting Family: Life Tricks Us

This is what I learned from visiting my country after almost two years: Life tricks us and nothing will ever be the same.

   Why would I say this? Well, after thinking about how to explain it in a way that would be understood, I couldn't find the words. Don't panic! I did find an image. Visualize this:

   Your city is represented on a table board. There you can find all the places and people that used to be in your daily life. Now, through this city, there is a train that goes all over the place. Each person who lives here gets their own passenger coach. Got it? Now, get ready for the tricky part. Get ready for the part where life tricks you: Your passenger coach is gone. 

   In other words:

I realized that nothing 
                                  will ever be the same. 
Not the conversations 
                                  with family and friends, 
                                  or how I navigated the city 
                                  finding incredible adventures to live. 
Not the food nor the weather.
                                  Nada, not even I, remains the same.

   As I reread what I have written, I have a feeling that, to you, it might sound darker than I meant it to be. On the contrary, this reflection on my trip has made me cherish how lucky I was when living there. I was a good citizen. An explorer. A daughter. A sister. An aunt. A cousin. A friend. A teacher. A swimmer. A customer. A taxpayer. A singer on karaoke nights. A book lover. A tourist. A car owner and driver (hilarious since here I am neither). I was independent and I loved it, every second of it. As for now, I hope I can keep working on being an updated version instead of an obsolete one. Shouldn't we all?

   Maybe next time I visit, I should get lost for some days. Only the city and I. Me with whom I was and who I now am. 

Before I go, special thanks to the secret reader that motivated me to write about my trip. K, I hope you like it. 

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