Dutch singer Maaike Ouboter : Why you must know her and listen to "Dat ik je mis"

     I'd guess you have listened to her while riding the bus, on the radio, in a store or restaurant. Maybe it's even on your playlist! It is on mine. Now, why would I want to tell you about her today? Because I would love for you to understand where the lyrics of this song come from, and to know what she's achieved in spite of her pain. To me, she's simply inspiring.

     This is how it all began: I was on the train on my way to Leuven while listening to the song Dat ik je mis. I went to stay for a few days with my high school friend Camila who currently lives in Dubai. Why was she in Belgium? Believe it or not, she was taking a Dutch summer course! Why, for goodness sake, if she lives in Dubai, right? It turns out she is married to a wonderful Belgian man, they have three lovely daughters, and she thought it was about time she started speaking better Dutch. 

     Anyway, let me get back to the song. On the train, I decided it was a song I must come back to study because it sounded easy and contained many verbs I didn't know and would like to learn. Some of the verbs were: sust, omhelst, ademt and verstoort, among others. A couple of days later, Camila, her husband Sven and I were having wine, sharing and singing our favorite songs in Dutch. When this one was mentioned, it turned out Sven loved it! He asked me, "You do know the meaning of this song, right?" I replied I just knew there were words I would like to learn from it. It was then that he unveiled its secret: Maaike Ouboter had written this song after the death of her parents. She was fourteen when her mother died, and sixteen when her father passed away. Days later, when doing some research on her life, I read an interview where she explains that she meant for people to link the song to their own story, but she also understands when they link it to hers. Still, she finds it difficult that many now know both her parents are gone. 
     Later on, I also discovered Maaike's website. It turns out she has a podcast and a blog! The podcasts are about people she has met and the way they have inspired her. Guests also share stories about who has made a difference in their lives.

     On the blog, she writes about trips she's made. The language is friendly, the posts are not long at all, and the photos are so down to earth. Next year, I would totally like to go to one of her concerts.

     I hope this post has made you curious about her life, music and practicing your Dutch. Before saying until next time, I leave you with the video "Dat ik je mis", lyrics included.

Tot de volgende keer!


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